Discover the Safest Organic Repellem Plastic Bag

Plastic and polythene bags can last in our landfills for years, and it’s high time that we all took active participation in reducing the environmental hazards. ECOsmartplastics is an exclusive brand that offers an organic Repellem plastic bag, which promises to be the safest choice for the environment. Based out of New York, our company aims to redefine the term ‘green.’ Our Repellem products and ECO-smart bags are made from natural and organic materials, which can keep insects and animals away but are not harmful to humans. We have relied on top Independent certified laboratories for verifying our claims related to the product, and our team will be more than happy to show the test results on request.

Repellem Plastic Bag

Our Repellem products do not have many of the toxic chemicals that are often included in insect repellent products, such as cypermethrin, DEET, Permethrin, and pyrethrin/pyrethroids. The typical consumer often believes that these chemicals are safe, since these are used in a wide variety of products. With our exclusive ESP-REPELLEMTM additive technology, we have avoided the use of any chemical. We just use plant-based ingredients at all times, including organic essential oils, which are certified to be non-toxic.  Try Repellem to keep those pesky insects away, and don’t forget to check our website! Also, don’t forget to try ECO-smartbags!

Contact Information:


Web Site:

1626 Locust Ave., Suite 6

Bohemia, NY 11716

Telephone: 631-273-3992



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