Here’s Why You Should Switch To Eco-Friendly Repellem Plastic Bag

Pesky insects can be annoying, and like most others, you probably use endless ways to keep them at bay. However, when it comes to plastic bags for varied use, you shouldn’t rely on products that use toxic chemicals extensively. Welcome to ECOsmartplastics – an evolutionary company that promises to change the attitude of people towards the environment. We have invented the first ever Eco-Friendly Repellem plastic bag, which will keep insects at bay, but without posing the consequential risks to humans. Also, we are the only company to make ECO-smartbags!

Eco-Friendly Repellem Plastic Bag

Our company, based out of New York, has spent a decade in research, and we stand for our range of products. We firmly believe that people should stop using plastic bags that pose serious harm to the planet. Our Repellem plastic bags have added essential oils, which are extremely safe and yet can keep insects away. Looking for our products? We are now available on Amazon and Walmart, and we are looking to expand soon. We have substantiated our claims by testing our products for years, relying on results from independent certified laboratories. We have also introduced the smartest replacement to plastic bags with ESP-BIOTM! Feel free to check our website to know more about our ground-breaking technology and production process.

Contact Information:


Web Site:

1626 Locust Ave., Suite 6

Bohemia, NY 11716

Telephone: 631-273-3992



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