All You Need To Know About REPELLEM Scented Trash Bags

Waste management is a serious global concern, and despite many efforts of national governments and respective local bodies, the situation remains grim. As a regular consumer, you can make a difference by opting for recycled goods and natural products. EcoSmart Plastics brings you the choice of REPELLEM Scented Trash BagsTM and ECOsmartbags, which use a patent eco-friendly, biodegradable additive technology known as ESP-BIOTM. Our REPELLEM trash bags are made from natural ingredients, which decompose easily, unlike plastics that last for hundreds of years in the landfills. Every home produces a considerable amount of trash each day, and with one plastic trash bag coming from each household on an average, you can imagine the amount of plastic that goes in the dump. With REPELLEM Scented Trash BagsTM, you are making a responsible choice.

REPELLEM Scented Trash Bags

We would like to add here that REPELLEM Scented Trash Bags are designed to repel insects and critters, but these are completely safe for humans and animals alike, thanks to the use of ESP-REPELLEM scented additive technologyTM. These technologies and ingredients allow our bags to turn into Bio-mass & Bio-gas, which are natural byproducts within the span of a decade. For landfills that have considerable living microbial environments, the bags can decompose faster.

We have taken special care to ensure the quality of our products, and we are now available in a number of stores, including Walmart. To know more about our available products, check our website today!

Contact Information:


Web Site:

1626 Locust Ave., Suite 6

Bohemia, NY 11716

Telephone: 631-273-3992



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